“someone who chooses FOR kindness WITH


An (online) creative, investigative, playful, energetic, powerful,
intuitive and sensitive teacher living in Estepona, Spain.


Supporting YOU in your path to create a deeper
awareness towards yourself.
This by a practice that will bring you more happiness, inner peace and
gratitude for LIFE.
Releasing anxiety, fear, backpain, headache…

In addition, I assist entrepreneurs in the well-being of their employees
to create a healthy, vital, happy and inspiring corporate culture.

This all with special designed (Private) Yoga classes, workshops, retreats and unique events.


As a child and adult I was searching for the deeper meaning of life. I felt there was more than the physical world. A bon vivant, a discoverer, a researcher into that mysterious lake.

My yoga path started in a difficult period where I felt “different”. I started reading books on spirituality to find answers. I decided to take a yoga class at a charity gym. I walked out with a deep sense of connection.

I wanted to explore that feeling and so more books were devoured and yoga classes followed. I started my first training in 2014 with Joachim Meire and a new world opened up for me. This made me go on a deeper journey of discovery within myself. I slowly opened up to giving (online) yoga classes, workshops & retreats.

I was tickled and trained by wonderful individuals such as Anat Geiger, Joachim Meire, Leslie Kaminoff, Bernie Clark, Jason Crandell, Kassandra Reinhardt…their wisdom inspires me daily!

This yogic path asks me to live, constantly intuitively exploring & feeling the essence of being & living. To discover & feel that one deep story of life so that I can be of service to others in the most Loving way. This path teaches me that there are no mistakes in life. That everything is continuously connected and will use everything to grow again and again. The lesson to live from your Power & Essence.

Yoga gives me a sense of intimacy with myself, of being in the present moment. It helps me to be in harmony with everything that is continuously present in life.

It’s like dancing, a feeling of deep happiness, connection, love, surrender, forgiveness & trust. It reminds me to always live from my heart with full confidence that everything naturally evolves to its fullest potential.

In my own words, I am a researcher, chaotic, energetic, forgetful, powerful, intuitive, complex and creative.

My teachings are raw, investigative, exploratory, gentle, loving and sharply intuitive coming from the source of the lessons of nature and life. Focused on (self) acceptance, (self) respect, self love & honoring yourself.

Because I am deeply rooted in working from love, my teachings reflect this and encourage individuals to process & (re)discover the experiences they receive during the practice.

My why is to help people reach their highest potential through compassion, self-love, holistic healing, transformation and growth. To live a healthier, more conscious & vital life.

I look forward to sharing the truth & joy that life’s lessons bring me.
I can not wait to meet you!

With shining love,




• Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Restorative en Hatha.


2014: 200 uur Hatha & Vinyasa Teacher Training – Joachim Meire – Brugge
• 2014: Pranayama – Anthony Lobo & Mairina Alvisi – Antwerpen
2015: Jason Crandell – Anatomie/Vinyasa/Sequence
2016: Tim Feldmann – Restorative yoga
2016: 100 uur Anusara Immersion Training – Jayendra Hanley – Tervuren
2017: 50 uur Yin Teacher Training – Paul Grilley – Maastricht
2017: Aromatherapie – Schoonheidsschool – Antwerpen
2019: Restorative Yoga Teacher Training – Monika Munzinger – Antwerpen
2019: Yoga & Yoga Anatomy – Leslie Kaminoff – Amsterdam
2019: BackMitra® Teacher Training – Guy Hamaekers – Utrecht
2019: Your Spine, Your Yoga – Bernie Clarck – Online
2020:  Fundamentals of Yoga Philosophy – Anat Geiger – Online
• 2020:  Create and Launch an Online Yoga Course – Kassandra Reinhardt – Online
• 2020:  6 weeks Face Toning Bootcamp – Face Yoga Method – Online
• 2020:  Chakra Theory & Meditation – Paul Grilley – Online
2021: Anatomy Trainings Myofacial Meridians – Studio Pili Pili – Antwerp

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