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``Vital Force is our innating loving, vibrational Force.
It's the energy by which everything moves and operates.
The level of that energy force within us, directly impacts and influences the state of our mind and therefore the quality of our life.`` - Patel Rajshree


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Both workshops were very structured. In this workshop, the exercises were given after each block of anatomy, while in the workshop “low back pain” the exercises were discussed last. I have no preference and thought the approach of both workshops was great! So no suggestions for improving the approach, nor for an even better Yoga Experience. I definitely recommend both workshops. Although Joanna claims not to be a doctor, she gives confidence through her extremely thorough knowledge. Questions are always answered and plenty of examples and comparisons are given to convey everything very clearly. I would like to add that it is a pleasure to come to her workshops and yoga moments. Her voice alone is healing! I am very happy that after years of searching I have found a way that relaxes me physically and mentally. Thank you very much for this!!!

Brit Bruyninckx


Yesterday I attended the workshop "Yin Yoga for low back pain". Joanna is a very calm personality who clearly knows what she is talking about. The combination of theory and practice is very enlightening. If a certain exercise is difficult for you due to anatomical limitations, for example, she always has an alternative. Enjoyed it immensely and already feel a big difference, less stiffness and less pain. Definitely until the next one!

Nadia Cuyt


What a wonderful woman you are. It always feels so good and nice to follow a workshop "Yin Yoga for low back" from you! For myself a lot more out of my comfort zone and you make it feel so great as if you can handle the whole world. Thank you!

Branda Cat


The quote "Your Zen Is My Smile!" is what Yoganna describes succinctly. She always teaches with softness, simplicity, warmth and love. In addition, she always pays attention to mind & body in a very personal & creative & safe way. She shines while teaching and you notice that she does this with full passion. Our Zen always gives her a beautiful smile. Highly recommended if you want to be pampered in a professional yet personal way.

Ingrid Hoeckx


A beautiful woman who radiates peace, who loves people, who likes to let people enjoy themselves, who can speak, comfort and soften with her gaze, a lady who calms me down and radiates so much love

Clarisse De Smedt


On a yoga retreat, Joanna literally and figuratively embraced us with lots of Love. It was 3 days of wonderful pampering! Thank you for your wise lessons, your quiet lessons, your spicy lessons.

Gwenda Philips


Beautiful woman with super beautiful aura and what an energy!! The click was instant!

Nicole Sapion


Radiates contagious Love and Joy of Life!

Mieke Van De Veire


Joanna is a wonderful Yoga teacher. She has deep knowledge and knows how to tailor it to what you need! Magnificent recommendation!

Kathleen Preso


Joanna Mees is a Master in her field! Strength, softness, enthusiasm & improbable creativity & innovation always bubble up during her classes, with personal attention for body & mind. Simply recommended!

Dominique Steenhoudt


Ik heb de mooie kans gekregen om een yoga retreat bij Sealux te boeking met Yoganna als coach. Op prachtige locaties gedurende een week. Wat een bijzonder en inspirerend persoon, ze ademt en leeft Yoga, heb yoga hierdoor op een intensere manier ervaren met een zachte en warme stem begeleidt ze je naar je diepste ik.

Annick De Smedt


Joanna mengt een gigantische hoeveelheid kennis met veel passie en vooral veel liefde. Dit maakt dat haar yoga lessen en haar retraites enorm fijne en sterke ervaringen zijn. Er is telkens een rode draad over de lessen, en toch blijven ze verfrissend en uitdagend. Dus, als je een plek zoekt om je lichaam te versterken en te versoepelen, en tegelijkertijd je mentale kracht te verhogen, dan zijn de lessen van Joanna the place to be!

Géraldine Sanders


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