Imagine yourself enjoying your “Own Yoga Experience” in peace.
In a place that you prefer, at your home, on vacation, at work…
live or online.
On top of that, you love to experience a customized yoga class!

Discover the many benefits of private (online) yoga and take a look at the
different formulas!

The classes can be given in the following languages: Dutch, English & Spanish.


Under the palm trees, in your garden, at work…
At your rhythm, moving gently and enjoying yoga but still with a
personal touch from a distance!

Experience what it’s like to have a wonderful private online yoga class
experience with Yoganna!

Private Live Yoga with Zoom

A tailor-made lesson Live via Zoom. So we see each other in real life! Ideal if you travel often and are not in Spain.

50,00 euro per hour

Private Online Yoga With YouTube

A custom lesson that uploads to YouTube. You will receive a private link and the lesson will be available to you 24/7.

55,00 euro per uur


Do you prefer to do yoga at home or at a location
that you like?
Do you love to have personal attention and a practice adapted to
your needs and desires?
You can choose between 3 private yoga formulas:
Bronze, Silver & Gold.

Discover which formula suits you and enjoy!

Bronze Live Privé Yoga

Do you want a private lesson, nothing more and less? Then choose this simple formula!

65,00 euro per hour

Silver Live Private Yoga

Would you like extra pampering on your birthday, to keep track of your evolution in a beautiful yoga diary and some nice extras like weekly recipes, yoga tips and a 5 procent discount on events, workshops and so much more? Then this Silver formula is for you!

85,00 euro per hour

Gold Live Private Yoga

Everything that the Bronze & Silver formulas include,10 % discount on events, workshops, retreats and a monthly goodbiebag? Go for the Gold formula so that I can spoil you!

125,00 euro per hour


Yoganna's quality of her classes is superb! She teaches with a soft voice and she teaches you to become aware of yourself! During the lesson she gives beautiful spiritual messages, which give an extra dimension to her lessons and which stay with you for a whole week. Her whole class is the max for me and that's why I love coming to her! She is really a good teacher!



My dad is a severe MSA patient and suffers from a lot of stress. Due to his major illness, he can no longer communicate normally (no longer speak, write, walk). So he is in his wheelchair all the time. Due to the stress, he suffers more and more from a severe tremor. Every week Joanna comes by for his meditation class, something he really looks forward to. The only time of the week where he sits comfortably in his chair without tremor, without stress with a smile on his face. When the eyes open again I see a happy daddy with the twinkling eyes and the wide smile of the past! Delightful to watch! Thank you Joanna for that weekly bright spot in my daddy's life!

Carina Haerden


De eerste (privé) yoga sessie …. Veel twijfel, vragen, niet weten wat je mag verwachten... Maar na het eerste telefoontje was ik meteen gerustgesteld. De les wordt iedere keer aangepast aan wat ik op dat moment kan en voel. Lukt een houding niet? Joanna past het onmiddellijk aan. Tijdens Savasana nog wat massage, een geurtje …. Puur verwennerij! Uw energiepijl krijgt weer een serieuze boost, je voelt je daarna helemaal herboren en relaxed. In 1 woord TOP, ik raad het iedereen aan!

Ilse Teunis
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