I've been doing oil pulling for a while and now it's an extra morning ritual. I started testing it myself and I really noticed a difference: healthier gums, better skin condition (face), whiter teeth… WHAT IS OIL PULLING? Natural way to detoxify the

Okay, my morning can consist of many rituals: tongue scraping, belly massage and use of the Neti Pot. However, I am convinced that all those rituals are good to start the morning gently and prepare for a new day. And

In a previous blog I provided more information about the ketogenic lifestyle. In addition, I have reported that I regularly combine this with Intermittent Fasting. There is a lot of curiosity about this! Always listen to your body…not every way of life suits

Almost a year ago I started brewing a delicious fermented tea called Komucha. I often get questions like: “Is that healthy? Does it contain alcohol? What does it do?" I would like to put everything in a row so that you too

Ik gebruik het Yoni-ei al een tijdje en dat heeft me al veel voordelen opgeleverd.  Ik deel dan ook heel graag wat meer info hieromtrent! WAT IS HET YONI-EI? Kristal ei dat in de vagina wordt ingebracht, en waarmee verschillende oefeningen kunnen

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